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How You Can Help

We need your help to make the Choose Life license plate a reality in Oregon! Here are five things you can do:

1. Support the 'Petition for Choose Life License Plates.'

The Choose Life license plate can only become a reality if the Oregon Legislature creates it. We've got to show them that Oregonians strongly support the license plate, which 19 other states already have.

This petition makes a strong statement, especially with large numbers of signers. Our goal is to have 25,000 Oregonians sign the petition.

For more information, click -HERE-.

2. Contact your elected officials.

capitol   There are two options to pursue to get the Choose Life license plates.  One may involve an administrative step.  There might be available space under current law to do the plates.  The second option, they might need to be approved by the Oregon Legislature, which will convene in January 2015. Now is the time to register your support so we can use one of these options.  Contacting your representative now may prepare the way.

Should the legislative option be needed, your input can make an enormous difference because often only a few letters, emails, or phone calls can propel a bill to victory.

Click -HERE- for everything you need to know to contact the right elected officials and what message to send to them.

3. Donate now to make the Choose Life license plate a reality.

To help, click -HERE-.

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Updated 5-19-2014